Thursday, May 2, 2019

Game Review: Nut Stash

This past weekend I got to play a brand new game.

If craps, spoons, go fish, and slapjack were somehow able to meet, fall in love, and have a child...

Nut Stash would be the resulting offspring.

Rolling a die to gather nuts, to combine them into caches, to stash the caches, (in niches, of course) make this an easily learned and yet challenging-to-master game. And the fact that it's just cards and dice, would make it an ideal travelling game while still being a great addition to the home game cupboard.

It would be a fun game to play with elementary kids for helping them (unwittingly) practice quick and easy addition. It is definitely an exciting game to play with older teens and adults. Work stress, family drama, and relationship worries take a break when you play this game. While playing this lightening paced dice and cards game, you cannot help but "be present". 

...btw...we discovered the enjoyment of this game is increased by 17.82% when sound effects are being made by all players, audience, and random passers-by who get pulled in by all of the hilarity taking place!

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